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It's important to understand that "wrongful termination" is not a legal claim itself.  Instead, wrongful termination is the idea that your termination was illegal because it violated federal or state law.  Depending on why you were terminated, you may be able to bring a lawsuit in court.  Our wrongful termination lawyers can discuss your situation with you to determine if you have a claim.


All employees are protected by federal law from discriminationretaliation, harassment, and from some types of whistleblowing disclosures made to your employer.  Some states add additional wrongful termination protections for being forced to violate a law as a term of your employment, claims known as "wrongful discharge" claims.  Public employees have further wrongful termination protections that vary based on what state, county, or municipality for which you work.  Your termination may also have violated a collective bargaining agreement you and your employer entered into, often through a union, or you may have been terminated in violation of your companies’ own employment contract they had you sign when you started work there.  


Feel free to click on the links above for more information about these different types of claims you may be able to bring to defend against your wrongful termination.  If you do feel that your situation falls into one of these categories, please contact our wrongful termination lawyers today for a free case evaluation.


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