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Most of the time our clients have never spoken to an attorney before regarding any legal matter, and sometimes they have never spoken to an attorney at all. The most frequent questions I get when clients begin the process are, “how much does it cost?” and “what should I expect next?” Let’s take those questions in order.

1. How much does this cost?

With The Kirby G. Smith Law Firm, the more you recover, the more you save. I’ll explain that here.

I have spent more than a decade in this specific practice area, and in that time I have learned that most attorneys practicing employment law fall into two areas – either law firm "mills" working on contingency that try to settle your case as quickly as possible so they can collect their fee and move to the next case or firms that charge an exorbitant hourly rate and work as inefficiently as possible.


Both models are broken. The high contingency fee model pushes attorneys to work fast and compromise on other damages important to your working future, such as a neutral reference to help with your job search, in order to maximize their profit on your case. The hourly fee model rewards attorneys for working slowly and places you under severe financial hardship the longer the case goes.

We have a better way. We offer a “mixed fee” system, meaning that you pay one fee up front (with financing available), and we collect a much smaller contingency fee than virtually any competitor nationwide. This solves both problems you see with traditional employment firms. We are able to offer assistance in all phases of your case, including unemployment appeals, yet our final price to you will almost always end up being less than any of our competitors if you win or settle.

In fact, if your case settles for even $10,000, you will end up paying our firm less than most of our competitors. That's what we mean when we say: the more you recover, the more you save.

If you are a small business, then we offer a flat fee structure and payment plans for most services so that you will know exactly how much you are paying. This avoids the stress and anxiety of waiting for an hourly invoice to be sent to you at the end of the month for a total amount that may or may not fit into your businesses’ budget.

2. How Does it All Work?

You will begin by speaking with one of our case intake specialists. Our case intake specialists aren't receptionists taking your contact info down: they will evaluate your case to ensure that your claim is “actionable,” meaning it is a situation that contains all elements necessary to bring a case into court.


After your case intake call, you will be scheduled to have a consultation with one of our attorneys, normally the founding partner, Kirby G. Smith.  Your consultation will lay out what claims you have and how they work; and, if we decide to take your case, what our strategy will be and how much we think the case is worth.


If the attorney decides to move forward with the case, you will be sent a contract usually that same day to review. Once you sign it and return it, we will take the first payment from you with your permission. After the payment is confirmed, our work on your case will begin with an intake specialist collecting documents and other information needed to prove your case. You will then be assigned to an attorney at the firm who will be your main point of contact on your case. A supervising attorney will also review all matters in your case and is your second point of contact if you have any trouble with your attorney.

Please take a look at our practice areas, our staff, and our results; then, if you’re ready to move forward with us, please contact us today.


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