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These are real reviews given to our firm by customers through Google and Avvo.

"Mr. Kirby Smith is a wonderful human being before he is an attorney. He helped me take on and win my case against one of the largest state agencies in the state of Georgia. His victory against 3 state attorneys from the Attorney General’s Office to prove the profound discrimination I was subjected to is justice served."

"Actually, if I could, I would leave 6 stars. The Kirby Smith Law Firm helped me go through hard times and exceeded my expectations when it comes to settlement.
Rachel and Kirby - thank you very much."

"Amanda offered excellent and honest advice, had attention to details and diligent service. She treated my case like this was her own personal case. She kept me updated along the way and during such a difficult time offered comfort and solutions to make it all easier for me. Amazing attorney! Great firm!"

"I was treated like my case was their case. Outstanding and personable service. Amanda handled my case with so much insight and compassion, it felt like I was her BFF."

"Both Kirby and Amanda were a Godsend during a difficult transition in my life. They offered both legal advise as well as comfort to me and my family. I would highly recommend anyone needed legal guidance to call them ASAP."

"This is the man you want fighting for you. He's knowledgeable in the law, considerate, and out for your best interest. He's got a great personality, proactive, consistent and professional. I'd highly recommend him to take care of your legal needs. There are alot attorneys out there to choose from, but with many of them, once you start getting into the process, you realize they're motivation is self-serving. Kirby's not like that - He's one of the good ones!!"

"I like to personally thank Alex Kelly and other staff members of The Kirby G. Smith Law Firm, LLC for the rapid and professional service they provided me beginning with my first telephone call to their office. Alex along with other staff members exemplified professionalism and a caring attitude throughout my experience with the firm. I felt confident from the very beginning knowing the firm had my best interest at heart and knowing Alex was working diligently and tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome."

"I highly recommend the Kirby Law Firm. I retained Kirby for an employment matter, and it was a great decision. This attorney is honest, trustworthy, and gets the job done. I give 5 stars. My overall result with my employer would have not turned out the way it did if it wasn’t for Kirby!! If you are in need of an attorney that puts you first, and will tackle your situation head on, retain this law firm."

"I did quite a bit of research when looking for a firm to represent me in a complaint I had with my previous employer. Kirby was a great listener and helped me to understand the merits of my case. The assigned attorney was outstanding. I was able to settle my case and was delighted with the results !!! I would recommend this firm to anyone wanting honest and supportive attorneys."

"Kirby G. Smith exceeded my expectations in many ways. He was very knowledgeable, and so was his diligent staff. He was a good negotiator who came prepared, set a proper tone, listened well, spoke with fairness and knowledge of the law, and delivered successful results."


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