"100% free," also known as "contingency fee only," lawyers sell you on the idea that you won't pay a dime until you win. The honest truth is you will pay much, much more with their firm and receive a lower level of service. Read below to see why.

Law firms offering a contingency fee only contract aren't non-profits, so they aren't representing you out of the goodness of their hearts. How they get paid is essentially how a loan shark gets paid - they charge astronomical rates to someone who doesn't know better or isn't aware of any other option. Contingency fee only lawyers routinely offer contracts where they keep 33 1/3%, 40%, or even 60% of any amount you receive for what you went through. That means a $50,000 settlement or judgment in your case may net you only $20,000. What do you get for this ridiculous rate? The firm fronts you "all costs and fees." In employment law cases, the filing fee for federal district court is $400. That's what you just gave $30,000 away to get.

A Lower Level of Service

There are other considerations in employment law cases beyond how much money you get. Do you need to keep your health benefits to care for yourself or a loved one while you find a new job? Do you need a neutral reference to ensure your ex-employer doesn't disparage you in the future or to make sure you can safely check "no" on employment applications that ask if you've been fired before? Those things are worth a great deal to you, but they aren't going to add any zeros to the settlement check. Do you think a lawyer who only gets paid as much as you get paid really cares about whether you get those critical additions to your settlement?

Fortunately, We Offer Another Option

Employment law cases aren't personal injury cases and the same rules don't - and shouldn't - apply to them. Our firm understands that. We only handle employment law cases - discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, and more - so we understand the differences quite well. Our fee structure ensures that you don't have money slipped out of your pocket before it even gets there. Learn more about how we work and our practice areas, then call us or use our contact form to setup a free consultation today.